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100 IB Economics IA Article Suggestions

Every economics teacher ever says that the key to writing a good Economics IA is finding a good article. Although that might sound easy, that’s not always the case! The articles need to be closely tied to the syllabus, be published in the past year, not contain too much economic analysis, and preferably mention the imposition (or proposed imposition) of a policy. Articles that check all those boxes aren’t that easy to find! Luckily we’ve compiled examples of 100 articles that might work* for you (or at least get your creative juices flowing)! 

*All articles were published in the last 12 months at time of writing

NOTE: These articles should not be chosen blindly and are instead designed to insipre you to find a topic that suits your interests within the Economics syllabus!

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Get Your Tutor TodayMicroeconomics (30)

Taxes (8)
Vaping Tax  |  Tech Tax   |  Sin Tax Tobacco Tax  | Red Meat Tax | Fish Tax | Fashion Tax | Aviation Fuel Tax

Subsidies (6)
Pre-School Subsidy  |  Soybean Subsidy Electric Car Subsidy (#1)  | Electric Car Subsidy (#2)  |  Climate Subsidy  |  Mining Subsidy

Price Floors (5)
Alcohol Price Floor (#1)  |  Alcohol Price Floor (#2)  |  Wage Price Floor  |  Cabbage Price Floor  |  Milk Price Floor

Price Ceilings (8)
Energy Price Ceiling  |  Electricity Price Ceiling  |  Rent Price Ceiling (#1)  |  Rent Price Ceiling (#2)  |  Rent Price Ceiling (#3)  |  Petrol Price Ceiling  |  Maize Price Ceiling  | Chicken Price Ceiling

Other (3)

Plastic Bottle Deposit  |  Cigarette Ban  |  E-Cigarette Ban

Macroeconomics (30)

Monetary Policy (9)

US Holding Interest Rates  |  UK Holding Interest Rates  |  Turkey Cuts Interest Rates  |  Turkey Fighting Inflation  |  UK Interest Rate RiseSweden Interest Rate RiseGreece Interest Rate Cut  |  Switzerland Holding Interest Rates  |  Argentina’s Currency Controls

Fiscal Policy (14)

Denmark Income Tax Cut  |  UK Raising Government Spending  |  Australia Raising Government Spending  |Italy Increased Government Spending  |  Sweden Increased Government Spending  |  Singapore Expansionary Policy  |  Ghana Expansionary Policy  |  UK Tax Cut  |  US Tax Cut  |  Greece Tax Cut  |  Argentina Tax Cut  |  France Tax Cut  |  Progressive Fines  |  Japan Expansionary Policy

Supply-side policies (7)

UK Increase Spending On Schools US Decreased Spending On Schools |  Germany Increased Unemployment Benefits  |  India Increased Infrastructure Spending  |  UK Increased Infrastructure Spending  |  Russia Increased Infrastructure Spending  |  China Increased Infrastructure Spending

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Trade Wars (5)
China US Trade War (#1)  |  China US Trade War (#2)  |  China US Trade War (#3)  |  China US Trade War (#4)  |  China US Trade War (#5) 

Tariffs (5)
India & US  |  UK Post-Brexit  |  China & Sugar  |  US & Apple  |  Japan & US

Quotas (4)
Brazil and Ethanol  |  South West Fish  |  EU & Steel  |  EU & Farming

Subsidies (3)
China & Tech US & EU  |  Azerbaijan Subsidies

Exchange Rates (6)
Argentina & The Peso  |  US On Yuan ‘Manipulation’  |  Pound Volatility  |  Zimbabwe & Foreign Currencies  |  Mexico & Exchange Rate Cut  |  China’s Low Exchange Rate  

Balance of Payments (3)
Japan’s Current Account  |  Indonesia’s Falling BoP  |  Australia Current Account Surplus

Economic Integration (3)
EU-Singapore  |  Africa  |  ASEAN

Terms of Trade
NZ & Meat

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Development (10)

Trade (4)
Nigeria & Oil  |  Africa Aid For Trade  |  Angola & Diversification  |  UK & Commonwealth  | 

Aid (2)
The UK & Aid  |  Brazil & Aid

FDI (2)
China & FDI  |  The Philippines & FDI

Other (2)
Sao Tomé & Debt  |  China & Dhaka  

So there you have it! 100 IB Economics IA Articles that could set you on the path to getting the full 45 marks available for your internal assessment! If you’ve chosen your article but you’re still having trouble with writing your commentary, check out our blog post with our 5 tips to score 7’s in your Economics IA’s!

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