Exam Remark FAQs

Questions about remarks? Not sure about what to do? See below for our answers to your most burning questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an IB remark?

The following article was written in advance of the May 2022 exam session.

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All remarks must be submitted through the school, and are called "Enquiry upon result", or EUR for short. As with previous years and exam sessions, EURs are available again this year, more information can be accessed through the IB's articles here and here. We are speaking to schools and keeping a close eye on May 2022 results, and will continue to update this blog as information comes through. We encourage families to speak to their IB coordinators and ask for information on year-on-year comparisons with previous school performance, where appropriate. Much has been written, and speculated about, as regards the awarded grades for the M21 exam sessions, where there was significant grade inflation to combat the impact of COVID-19.

How can I get re-marked?

Students can ask their IB coordinators to request re-marks of their results. These are called enquiries upon result. These must be requested between July 6th and September 15th and typically tend to come back within 2 weeks. Be aware that results can go down as well as up, so investigate how close you are to the relevant grade boundary first.

What can I ask to be re-marked?

  • Category 1 re-mark: re-mark of externally assessed material
  • Category 1 report: report on a category 1 re-mark
  • Category 2A: return of externally assessed material by component for all candidates
  • Category 2B: return of externally assessed material by subject/level for an individual candidate
  • Category 3 re-moderation: re-moderation of marks for internal assessment by subject/level

How can my grades potentially change?

  • Category 1 re-mark: the grade may be lowered or raised
  • Category 1 report: grade will not be changed
  • Category 2A and 2B: grade will not be changed
  • Category 3 re-moderation: marks and grades may be raised but not lowered

When is the deadline to apply?

Coordinators can request re-marks within two months after results have been issued. For May exams, the official deadline is 15 September and for November exams 15 March. Category 1 report must be requested within one month of having received the result of category 1 re-mark.

Can I request for re-marks or re-moderations more than once?

Re-marks and re-moderations cannot be requested more than once for the same subject.

How do I receive my re-marked score?

The IB coordinator will receive the re-marked scores.

How long does the re-mark or re-moderation take?

  • Category 1 re-mark: 18 days
  • Category 1 report: 30 days
  • Category 2A and 2B: 18 days
  • Category 2A and 2B: 10 days
  • Category 3 re-moderation: 40 days

How much does it cost?

The cost varies between schools, so it is best to consult with your school’s IB coordinator.

Will I possibly get refunded?

There is no cost involved when a grade is changed after the category 1 re-mark. There are no refunds for category 3 re-moderation.

Can I request both re-marks and re-moderations?

Yes, the categories may be requested in any order.

Can I request a re-mark for specific components?

A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components.

What can I not get re-marked?

Multiple choice components of a group 4 subject examination or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session cannot be re-marked.

Will I have a different examiner for re-marks?

In small entry subjects and in subjects with few candidates where there is only one examiner, the re-mark is undertaken by the same examiner.

Please note that grades are almost as likely to go down as they are to go up - be sure to check how close you are to certain grade boundaries before submitting for an EUR.


When can I apply for re-moderation?

A re-moderation can only be undertaken when the mean of the candidates’ moderated internal assessment marks differs from the mean of the marks awarded by the teacher by at least 15% of the maximum mark for the component. Re-moderation is not available for language A: literature SL school supported self-taught candidates.

Will I have a different examiner for re-moderation?

A re-moderation will normally be undertaken by a different moderator except in small entry subjects.

Please find our specific retake guidance and FAQ here.

Lanterna has significant experience liaising between schools and students to coordinate retakes guidance; if you would like to discuss how we may be able to support your student(s) in their retake preparation, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to call at the number below, where we will be happy to discuss the specific support required, and to advise on similar guidance we have provided previously. Where several students are looking to retake at the same school, we can arrange group lessons and revision sessions in addition to usual one-to-one tuition, online or face-to-face, and we will also once again be running our Retake Accelerated Programme, which provides highly focused exam revision with an expert IB tutor, in small classes through the weeks leading up to the beginning of each IB exam session.


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