Who we are

Lanterna Education is a rapidly expanding online education company with the goal to unlock every student’s potential. Born from an IB CAS project in 2004, Lanterna has blossomed into the go-to online tutoring & course hub for international students worldwide. 

Since then, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to crafting individualised learning experiences that help each student shine their brightest by equipping them with the right tools for lifelong success.

Our tutors aren’t just experts – they’ve walked in our students’ shoes as successful graduates, and many have continued their academic journeys at prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. As for the Lanterna team, we’re based in Stockholm, London extending across the UK and beyond!

our vision

Lanterna’s goal is to unlock the potential within every student, opening a world of new opportunities.

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Our team

Our culture and people are the main ingredients that make Lanterna a great place to work.

We are a diverse team with a common goal of creating value for students, parents, and schools.

At Lanterna, our culture is defined by authenticity, clear transparency, and an entrepreneurial spirit, always prioritising teamwork at its core.

lanterna’s blueprint for success

We employ our proprietary methodology to pave the way for students to unlock their full potential. Our approach involves pairing IB graduates—those who’ve triumphed within the challenging IB landscape—with current IB students.

They’re deeply familiar with the intricacies of the IB program. Beyond their academic accolades, they’re trained on how to share their knowledge and experience with IB students that need extra support achieving the necessary grades to make them stand out to top universities and employers.

We know students

Lanterna Education has assisted students in the IB program for nearly 20 years. We have all the resources, tools and knowledge to support and empower IB learners to unlock their fullest potential, ensuring they confidently navigate the IB journey and achieve the results they aspire to.

We understand that every student has different goals, competencies, and academic backgrounds. Whether they have had continuous support from teachers, need an extra edge to boost their exam scores, require an outside perspective to nail a tough assignment, or need assistance building the foundation for improved learning, the Lanterna team is here to help.

Our commitment to student success is echoed in the positive experiences shared by our satisfied customers. Discover the impact of Lanterna’s educational support through firsthand accounts in our collection of customer reviews. These testimonials provide valuable insights into the transformative journey that students have undertaken with Lanterna, showcasing the effectiveness of our personalized approach to learning.

In addition to our reviews, we invite you to delve deeper into educational topics, insights, and tips through our informative blog. Stay updated on the latest trends in education, study techniques, and advice tailored to IB learners by exploring our blog. Our blog serves as a valuable resource for students seeking additional guidance and information to enhance their academic journey.

Lanterna Education is not just a support system; we are a partner in your educational success. Whether you’re looking for firsthand experiences from other students or seeking expert advice, our reviews and blog are valuable resources to complement your IB journey. Let Lanterna be your guide to unlocking your academic potential.

We know tutoring

Lanterna prides itself on offering tutoring experiences that are both flexible and uniquely tailored to each student’s journey. Among our community of over 300 distinguished tutors, we ensure every student finds their perfect match.

Every year, we receive hundreds of tutor applications that undergo a rigorous selection process. We ensure that each candidate brings more than just their subject expertise to the table — they must also great communicators that resonate with students on a personal level.

To maintain this standard, tutors are regularly evaluated and their performance is analysed to ensure they are providing the best support possible. Furthermore, we encourage our students to complete feedback surveys so that we’re able to refine our approach and make continuous improvements.

At Lanterna, we believe in the power of personalized learning. Our commitment to individualized education is reflected in our approach to 1:1 tutoring. Whether your goal is to excel in a specific subject or address unique learning needs, our expert tutors at Lanterna provide personalized attention to help you achieve your academic aspirations.

In addition to our exceptional tutoring services, Lanterna offers a diverse range of courses designed to cater to various academic interests and goals. Each course is crafted with precision and expertise to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. For educational solutions tailored to schools and institutions, Lanterna is your trusted partner. Our school solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, fostering an environment of academic excellence and growth.

Lanterna is dedicated to continuous improvement and refining our educational methods. Your feedback is crucial in helping us enhance our services. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences through our feedback surveys, as your input allows us to adapt and evolve, ensuring an even more effective educational journey for every student at Lanterna.

our commitment to students

Your success, guaranteed.

  • Expert Tutors: Tutors scored at least 40 points on their IB exams, and a 7 in the IB subjects they guide you through. Exceptional explanatory and interpersonal skills are guaranteed to ensure you receive the best support possible.
  • 100% Satisfaction: If you’re not 100% satisfied with the support after two hours of your booked package, we’ll give you a complete refund.
  • Quality Control: We check in personally with all of our students after their first session to make sure they are happy with their tutor and their learning experience. If they don’t meet your expectations, we’ll come up with a solution right away.
  • Customer Support: We’re committed to providing long-term assistance during your entire IB journey. Rest assured, whenever you reach out to our customer support team, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

Our partners

Lanterna has been helping students for almost two decades. Together with our sister organisation, Kognity, we’ve collaborated with some of the best in the educational field to provide students around the world with top-tier resources and unparalleled academic support.

Thanks to the trust of a great number of IB schools, learning providers and technology partners, we’re able to present a complete set of solutions for students, parents, and educators alike. Want to partner with us? Reach out to us at the email provided below and let’s explore how we can work together.