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Get your students exam ready!

Student-centred online revision courses in 14+ subjects, led by our elite IB graduates and educators.

Student-focused revision courses

Lanterna Education’s tailored online revision courses are designed to help students master their IB exam preparation and achieve academic confidence.

Students will:

  • Experience intensive workshops in 14 different subjects
  • Benefit from hands-on guidance
  • Access customised learning strategies
  • Learn at key stages of the academic year

Our tutors & teachers

Our team of accomplished IB graduate tutors and teachers possess the firsthand knowledge and expertise needed to guide students towards academic triumph! Through subject-focused tutoring, students will develop essential ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills, hone test-taking strategies, and elevate their IB performance.

Ante S 7 years as an IB teacher Subject:Business (IB)
Hana K 12 years as an IB teacher Subject:English (IB), History (IB) and TOK (IB)
Apostolos E 12 years as an IB teacher Subject:Physics (IB)
Andrew P 15 years as an IB teacher Subject:Business (IB) and Economics (IB)
Sara R 10 years as an IB teacher Subject:Psychology (IB, A Level, iGCSE)
Deepika S 15 years as an IB teacher Subject:Maths (IB iGCSE, MYP), Physics (IB) and SAT

Example Course Schedule

We’ve designed our revision courses to be flexible and accessible. Choose from group sessions or 1:1 tutoring.


Our online revision courses cover 100+ subjects, including:









…and more


Embark on a journey to academic success with our comprehensive school solutions at Lanterna Education. Our commitment to personalized support and exam mastery ensures that students confidently navigate their upcoming IB exams while enhancing overall academic performance. With a keen focus on cultivating strong study habits, refining ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills, and boosting self-assurance, our tailored programs empower students to excel in every academic challenge.

Explore our School Solutions to discover a range of resources and support systems designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. From cutting-edge learning materials to expert guidance, we provide the tools necessary for fostering a culture of excellence within your school community.

For those seeking a more bespoke approach, our Bespoke Solutions cater to specific institutional requirements. Whether you’re looking to address particular curriculum gaps or implement specialized training programs, our team of dedicated educators and consultants work collaboratively with schools to create tailored solutions that drive academic success.

At Lanterna Education, we understand the nuances of online education and are committed to elevating the academic journey for both students and institutions alike. Join us in shaping a future where every student can confidently achieve their academic goals with our unparalleled school solutions.


Countless students have experienced the transformative impact of our revision courses on their IB achievements. Explore our testimonials below to hear from satisfied students and parents who have witnessed the advantages of our comprehensive online tutoring and coaching.

I really liked how interactive and structured the lessons were. Along with planning there were scheduled past paper questions practices at the end of each session.
Spring Course Participant, 2023
My favourite thing about the course was how focused and structured it was. We didn’t waste any time covering content we already knew.
Easter Course Participant, 2021
It was super great, very useful and interactive exercises. It was very helpful to have the time to work as a group after having completed a summary of a topic. I feel much more confident!
Spring Course Participant, 2022
My tutor was incredibly understanding, and worked with us when we didn’t understand. She went through the syllabus before each session and explained things I previously wasn’t able to understand. I enjoyed all of the workshop!
Summer Course Participant, 2021
Our tutor was very well informed and provided great explanations with the right amounts of detail to ensure everyone’s understanding.
Summer Course Participant, 2020

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