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Looking to take your studies to the next level? Lanterna’s live revision courses are tailored to help you grasp complex topics, clarify doubts, and solidify your understanding in preparation for your next big exam or quiz.


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Embarking on your IB journey with Lanterna is simple. We've streamlined the process to just three essential steps, ensuring that each student receives a course experience tailored to their individual needs.

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Choose the subjects you'd like to attend to see when they are running, and map out a summer schedule to suit your plan. All lessons are recorded so you can watch them back in your own time throughout the academic year.

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Once you’ve booked your course, we will be in touch before it begins to collect information on what modules you'd like to focus on. We assign our classes based on whether you study a subject at HL or SL, and on your predicted grades.

Start your first day!

You'll receive information on joining your course, resources to review in between classes, as well as daily support from our dedicated team - to make sure your course experience with us is the best it can be.

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 Bespoke Features For IB Success

Step into a unique course experience with Lanterna. Every feature is meticulously crafted for our IB students. From top-tier expert tutors to our adaptable online learning platform, and courses tailored just for you, excellence defines our approach.

Our school solutions offer specialized features for institutions, enhancing the IB experience. For personalized attention, our 1:1 tutoring sessions provide tailored guidance through the IB curriculum. Elevate your IB experience with Lanterna's bespoke features today.

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Our course tutors & teachers

The tutors and teachers we choose for our courses are all experienced IB graduates and education professionals who know what it takes to achieve academic success. They know how to make group learning engaging and personalised, as well as ensuring that every student leaves the course with that 'wow' feeling.

Lewis M, 45 points London School of Economics I try to keep my teaching fun, energetic and ultimately highly focused on achieving each student's specific targets. Also, the more sessions I have with a student the more I am able tailor my teaching to them.
Faisal A, 45 points The University of Hong Kong As a compliment to school learning, I try to tailor my classes precisely to what the student wants to improve in and prepare resources and lessons accordingly. Outside of that is to keep everything casual and create a comfortable environment for both myself and the student.
Omar H, 9 years experience American University of Beirut My tutoring methodology centres around a strategic approach, wherein I identify and address the specific weak points within a student's academic proficiency. By concentrating on these challenge areas, I implement tailored instructional techniques that are designed to not only fortify these weaker aspects but also to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter as a whole.
Kristina M, 15 years experience University of Baguio I think taking the time to understand the students' needs in both content and skills and learning style is very important when tutoring. Only by doing this are we really able to create an appropriate and effective action plan for the student, which targets specific goals.
Maximilian H, 3 years experience Technical University of Delt I prefer to ensure that the student really understands the basics before moving on to more complex concepts & topics. I also try to lead the student to the answers by asking questions rather than simply telling them the answer.
Anugya A, 8 years experience CCS University The three most crucial things which I follow are patience, consistency, and hard work. Through these three things, I build a very strong connection with all my students. I believe that an educator should be flexible enough to cater to the needs of all learners.
Andrejs M, 2 years experience University of Edinburgh I highlight students’ strengths to encourage and boost their confidence. For areas they need to improve upon, I work through problems step by step to ensure students gain thorough understanding. I create a friendly, open atmosphere to make lessons more like a dialogue.
Rebecca B, 7 years experience University College London I prioritise being adaptive, innovative, empathetic, and engaging. I like to cater my lessons to the student's specific needs, and design personalised lessons to help my students achieve their goals.
Jascha S, 2 years experience University of Regensburg In my classes, I am committed to creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where my students can feel at ease and enjoy the learning process. I take pride in being a patient and attentive tutor who tailors the teaching to my student's specific needs.

Success Stories


We have over 12 years of experience running successful courses that change the trajectory of students’ lives.

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I really liked how interactive and structured the lessons were. Along with planning there were scheduled past paper questions practices at the end of each session.
Spring Course Participant, 2023
My favourite thing about the course was how focused and structured it was. We didn't waste any time covering content we already knew.
Easter Course Participant, 2021
It was super great, very useful and interactive exercises. It was very helpful to have the time to work as a group after having completed a summary of a topic. I feel much more confident!
Spring Course Participant, 2022
My tutor was incredibly understanding, and worked with us when we didn't understand. She went through the syllabus before each session and explained things I previously wasn't able to understand. I enjoyed all of the workshop!
Summer Course Participant, 2021
Our tutor was very well informed and provided great explanations with the right amounts of detail to ensure everyone's understanding.
Summer Course Participant, 2020

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