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Live online IB revision courses that make a real difference for students.

Join our 1000s of students learning in small groups in the comfort of their homes. Consolidate your knowledge, address problem areas and gain confidence in the build up to your IBDP exams.


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Winter Mocks IBDP2 Online Revision Course

Starting December 28th - Jan 3rd

An intensive online course for DP2 students to help you build confidence and prepare you for your January Mock exams. We focus on knowledge consolidation, past papers and exam methodology to ensure you're well prepared.

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Winter Mocks IBDP1 Online Revision Course

Starting December 28th - Jan 3rd

Your first semester of the IB is coming to an end and it's a perfect moment to summarize your learning over the holidays. Our DP1 Winter Mocks Revision course is developed to make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for the next semester.

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Don't just take our word for it...


"The structure of her sessions was excellent, as we would cover material and then given the time to do practice questions, allowing us to apply the information we have just learned and ask any things which were still unclear."


"The teacher was extremely nice. He made sure everyone understands what he is explaining. I felt like the class was very structured and that we covered a lot of topics, without it feeling too rushed. I actually enjoyed these classes and looked forward to this."


"My tutor had a very understanding approach to us students. The focus on exam technique was high and I learned efficiently. My tutor always listened to me and my questions and concerns and I would like to deeply thank him for all that he has taught me in these four intensive - but fun - days."

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