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We are excited to be working with IB schools around the world to offer a suite of teaching solutions spanning most IB subjects, and hope we can support you and your students in your IB journey.

Short-term solutions…

Partnering with Lanterna Education enables schools to bolster their students’ academic performance while alleviating the strain on staff and resources. Plug a Lanterna certified IB world school teacher into your existing teaching calendar to cover sick leave, MAT or PAT leave. Ready with 48 hours’ notice and covering every IB subject offered. 

…long-term solutions…

Looking to offer lower demand subjects to your students, or struggling to recruit a quality teacher to your school? Partner with Lanterna Education and hire a virtual teacher to deliver the entire DP course as an extension of your teaching team. We provide fully developed teaching sequence and can deliver synchronous lessons to match your teaching timetable. Our easy technology platform can also plug into your school’s existing technical infrastructure.

…and self-taught languages!

Draw upon Lanterna’s team of 100+ Cat 2 trained SSST teachers. Spanning a comprehensive range of languages, and supported by our in-house Diploma Coordinator to ensure all the administration is handled by Lanterna, not you.

Lanterna’s team of 300+ Cat 2 trained IB world school teachers covers virtually every IB subject in 2023/2024 to ease the burden on your teaching staff, and give your students the best chance of success!


Our online revision courses cover 100+ subjects, including:







Comp Sci


…and more

Online Delivery

Accessibility and user-friendliness are always at the forefront of our schooling solutions. Our substitute teacher program is available online, making it easy for students to access academic support from anywhere in the world. The platform is easy to navigate and provides an immersive and engaging learning experience for all students.

meet some of our teachers

Ante S 7 years of experience Subject:Business (IB)
Hana K 12 years of experience Subject:English (IB), History (IB) and TOK (IB)
Apostolos E 12 years of experience Subject:Physics (IB)
Andrew P 15 years of experience Subject:Business (IB) and Economics (IB)
Sara R 10 years of experience Subject:Psychology (IB, A Level, iGCSE)
Deepika S 15 years of experience Subject:Maths (IB iGCSE, MYP), Physics (IB) and SAT
Justyna P 16 years of experience Subject:Business (IB) and Economics (IB)
Abdur B 7 years of experience Subject:Physics (IB, iGCSE, MYP)
Peter R 35 years of experience Subject:Physics (IB) and TOK (IB)
Ali Y 25 years of experience Subject:Computer Science (IB, A Level, iGCSE)
Zainab U 11 years of experience Subject:Biology (IB), Chemistry (IB, MYP, iGCSE)
Gul K 4 years of experience Subject:Physics (IB, iGCSE, MYP, A Level) and Mathematics (MYP), SAT, DT (IB)
Turgay U 5 years of experience Subject:Computer Science (IB, A Level, iGCSE) and ITGS (IB, iGCSE)
Marija L 5 years of experience Subject:Maths AI and AA (IB)

success stories

Experience our impact on students across the globe firsthand! Browse our testimonials to read more about how Lanterna Education’s substitute teacher program makes a difference,

You have been an invaluable source of support for hundreds of our students, particularly during the last 2 years. They work to suit the needs of students whether it’s in preparation for entering DP/CP1 or during those final weeks of exam preparations.
P. Brennan, ISH
Lanterna are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Lanterna has been truly enjoyable and professional.
Katell Dodd, IBDP Coordinator, MSF
Through our Kognity rep I was put in contact with Lanterna, who were able to find solutions for me within days. Our students, parents, and I were not only relieved, but also very satisfied with the quality of the teaching received long-distance. Thank you Lanterna for your precious professional support!
Sara Delesalle, EJM

our resources

IBDP Business Course Outline
IBDP Computer Science Course Outline
IBDP Psychology Course Outline
IBDP ESS Course Outline 2023
IBDP Economics Course Outline 2023

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