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Online tutoring and courses provided by the highest quality tutors

Our tutors are guaranteed to make the IB easier for you. How? Because they have aced their IB themselves and are now experts of the program. We offer flexible and reliable private online tutoring tailored to your needs and intensive courses designed to prepare you for your exams.

The best IB tutoring you can find

All Lanterna tutors have taken the IB program themselves and have graduated with exceptional grades. In fact, the most common score for our IB Tutors is the full 45 points. More specifically, your tutor will have received a 7 in your specific subject or on the the assignment you are struggling with. Their goal is to guide you and provide you with the appropriate tools to do the same. Through our extensive network of more than 300 tutors, we will choose a tutor that exactly fits your needs and wants.

All of our tutors go through a rigorous selection and training process to ensure that not only they excelled in the IB themselves, but that they are exceptional at guiding you to do the same. Their experience, tips, tricks, resources and knowledge will be invaluable to your IB success.

Our unique online tutoring model

Online tutoring allows you to access premium quality tutoring regardless of barriers of geography, distance or time. All of our tutors are extensively vetted and trained after they are hand-picked from a rigorous selection process. It is time-efficient as is reduces travel time and allows you to access help in the environment that fits you best. Our online tutoring platform allows you to access interactive, flexible tutoring from a place that suits you. Our digital whiteboard will allow you and your tutor to share important resources and to work together on note-taking or solutions, and to record your sessions and re-watch them whenever you like to maximise exam revision.

Meet some of our tutors

Below we introduce you to a small portion of our extensive tutor network. You can be assured that our tutors have got what it takes to really help you throughout your IB journey and to positively influence your academic careers.

Joao Pereira

Imperial College London

Hi, my name is Joao! I got 42 points in IB and am currently studying at Imperial College London. I tutor Maths and Physics, and love Lanterna for the diversity and passion of students!

Liv Campbell

Oxford University

Liv completed the IB in Singapore and received 45 points overall, before going on to study Law at the University of Oxford. She has also recently completed her Masters in International Law at Universiteit Leiden, and is now training for a career as a barrister! She has worked as a tutor since she finished the IB in 2017 and specialises in English and History.

Freddie Ohlsson

New York University (NYU)

Freddie graduated the IB with 42 points. He then pursued his BSc in Economics from UCL and is currently studying an MSc in Marketing at NYU. He is one of the most experienced tutors within our Lanterna family and has provided students with support in Math and Economics.

Maya Raman Jones

Oxford University

Meet Maya, one of our Chemistry tutors. She graduated the IB in 2017 with a total of 44 points. She completed both her undergraduate and master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Her favorite thing about working with Lanterna is the possibility of tutoring and meeting so many great and diverse students from all over the world.

Laura Müllertz

Harvard University

Laura graduated from the IB with a full 45 points. She studied Psychology at Bath University and then moved on to complete her graduate degree in a Cognitive Development Lab at Harvard. She tutors Biology, Psychology and Math Studies at Lanterna.

Hazel Nicholson

Cambridge University

After completing the IB in Norway and getting 42 IB points, Hazel studied Geography at the University of Cambridge. While at university, she specialised in climate change, and hazards and disasters. She has worked as a tutor since 2018 and specialises in Math and Geography.

Naty Gonzales

University College London (UCL)

Naty Gonzales is one of our Economics Tutors. She completed the IB with 44 points Her favorite thing about being a Lanterna tutor is feeling as though she can give her past IB self advice. She also really enjoys seeing students benefit from their hard work and become more confident in their abilities throughout the tuition.

Yi Ch'ng

University of Southampton

Meet Yi, one of our tutors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. After graduating the IB with 40 points, she studied Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. Her favorite thing about tutoring with Lanterna is helping students with their IAs. She finds this especially rewarding because students get to look at their experiment in a new way and draw out the most interesting parts of their investigation.

See what students and parents say about us


I would highly, highly recommend this incredible tutor company to any IB student the world over. I cannot say enough, I would have been utterly lost without you.

Cathy Williams, parent

Lanterna definitely improved my final IB grade. Additionally, it’s very hard to get good quality TOK resources but Lanterna provides the best quality resources that led to my success.

Alex TaeHwan Kim, student

Amazing online support for my son! Improved grades and a deeper understanding of the subjects are due in large part to his outstanding Lanterna tutors who are knowledgeable, patient and organized in their approach to teaching what is needed to succeed in IB Diploma.

Nancy Stauft, parent

The tutor was very flexible with his hours and he did a tremendous job. Our son was able to pull up his grade by 2 points! WELL DONE LANTERNA! We will definitely further recommend you!

Silke Collin, parent
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