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Thinking and
Learning (ATL skills)

The ATL difference

The ATL difference

Our Pre-DP 3-Day IB Skills Summer Course is designed to provide incoming DP1 students with the foundation they need to succeed in their IB program.

The difference? An effective blend of cognitive and metacognitive Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills that give students the agency and self-management required to achieve top IB results!

Designed by thought leaders

Designed by thought leaders

Lanterna Education is on a mission to give students the best possible schooling solution, which is why we only work with A-players to create our tailored courses. Lance King, designer of our Pre-DP 3-Day IB Skills Summer Course, is a top educator and thought leader with 25+ years of experience teaching learning and thinking skills.

Our teachers

“A good education can change anyone. A great teacher can change everything”.

This is a motto we live by at Lanterna Education. Our dynamic ex-IBDP students, now education professionals, are all experts in their own right, having achieved 40+ points in their IB program. They understand connection, and bring their own unique experiences and insights to the course to inspire and encourage our students to step into the best versions of themselves.

Course overview (3 Days)

Course overview (3 Days)

Ready? Let’s get learning! Our 3-Day IB Skills Summer Course will: 

  • Teach students the vital skills required for the IB program.
  • Give incoming DP1 students a sense of agency in their academic careers.
  • Help students take ownership of their studies with assessment-ready tools for IB success.

Sample Course Content

Pssst! Want to learn more about Lanterna’s ATL training? Here’s a sneak peek at our Pre-DP 3-Day IB Skills Summer Course!


Need more convincing? Our Pre-DP 3-Day IB Skills Summer Course has been well-received by students, parents, and educators across the world. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with the course:


You have been an invaluable source of support for hundreds of our students, particularly during the last 2 years. They work to suit the needs of students whether it's in preparation for entering DP/CP1 or during those final weeks of exam preparations.

P. Brennan, ISH

Lanterna are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Lanterna has been truly enjoyable and professional.

Katell Dodd, IBDP Coordinator, MSF

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