My experience of a Lanterna Mid IB Course

Last Summer, over 140 Mid IB students from over 25 different countries descended upon Bradfield College in the beautiful British countryside just outside London. The offer was simple: consolidate the first year of IB work, and have the best Summer of your life! But what was it really like? We asked Corin Runacres, a student at this year’s Mid IB Course:

“When I first registered and signed up for Lanterna I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been told it was going to be entertaining, enriching and educating. Nonetheless, I had an uneasy feeling of the unknown in my stomach as I walked up to Renata (a Lanterna ‘Social Staffer’) at platform two of the Paddington Station Bus terminal.

The first thing I ever learnt about Lanterna was that they “don’t shake hands, they high five”.  Since attending the course I would amend that to they “don’t shake hands, they hug”. Every person I met – teacher, administration or social staff – had the students’ best interests in mind. I have never felt more welcomed or taken care in any other course I’ve attended, nor more content and satisfied by the end.


Lanterna pushes for the students that attend their courses to “be their very best”. However, they also provide the necessary environment and conditions for the students to do so. Within the boarding house, during the activities, and during classes, the Lanterna team encouraged us to be ourselves. Instead of focusing on the standards or abilities of others, they showed us how to be the very best we ourselves can be.

My time attending the Lanterna Course at Bradfield allowed me to grow as both a student and as a person. I will always be an advocate for the work they do and the values they uphold.”

-Corin Alexander Runacres, Mid-IB Student 2017

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