Are Revision Courses Right For You?

Written by Lewis Mclellan

In this blog post, I’ll be helping you to determine whether IB revision courses are right for you as a learner.

Firstly, I have good news and bad news regarding the IB. The bad news? The IB can be hard. It is a long and challenging course. Going through it can be scary, stressful and at times demoralising. The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way – IB revision courses may be the answer to studying more effectively.

As each IB cohort is increasingly demonstrating, taking on the IB does not have to mean constantly fighting an uphill battle. Instead, there are a whole host of ways to approach the course positively. In IB revision courses – a way of getting ahead of the IB and its workload – students have one such way!

What Are IB Revision Courses?

IB Revision courses are small classes tailored towards students all at a certain stage of their IB journey. For example, Lanterna has IB revision courses which offer students new to the IB a chance to get ahead in some of their subjects. There are also IB revision courses available that help students kickstart their second year of the IB prior to its beginning. Usually, these courses last for a week and take up two to three hours each day. Each course is taught by a Lanterna tutor. This could be someone who has just obtained a 7 in the subject of the course or an experienced teacher/examiner in the subject of the course.

What Are The Aims Of Revision Courses? 

Primarily, IB revision courses aim to support you to do two things. In the first place, IB revision courses help you to learn key content for your subject.

In the case of Pre-IB courses, this consists of introducing students to some of the key concepts underpinning their subject. For those already some way through the IB, this can mean plugging any learning gaps the students in a class may have in their subject knowledge. It can also mean trying to get ahead of any content which is coming up.

Secondly, IB revision courses aim to improve students’ exam technique. Often in classes where teachers scramble to complete the syllabus of an IB course, aspects that relate to exam technique can be ignored. This is often to the detriment of a student’s success because exams are the principal way in which the IB assesses students. IB revision courses address this by offering students examples of the best practice on how to tackle the exams and tests that they will face in their subject. This can range from providing tips on timings to outlining structures and strategies for assessments. Invariably, these tips will be coming from someone who knows how to be successful in the subject and its exams.

How To Pick Your Revision Course/s?

Struggling to think which subject/s you should take a course in? Keep it simple. That would be my advice. Which subject/s are you most looking to strengthen/become a bit more confident in. Or alternatively, as you look to start the IB what are the subjects that you have the least experience in. These are the subject/s that you should be considering taking a course for!

How Are Revision Courses Different To Classes?

Courses offer a fresh perspective on a subject. This is their main attraction. They are fun, interactive and probably quite a bit smaller than your class. However their main appeal is that they allow you not only to learn from a new teacher and their ways but also from new peers around the world. In this way, courses represent a great way to expose yourself fully to the subject that you are studying. Whether you experience a course prior to starting the IB or in between your two years, it can be a great way to broaden your horizons and familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of your subject.

Lanterna has spent a lot of time designing revision courses to be fun and interactive. By compiling a list of what its students would like to learn, revision courses are focused and impactful. However, by delivering this material in activities that can range from games, group projects, class debates and much more besides, these courses are often fun and engaging for students to be in.

So Are Revision Courses Right For You?

That is entirely up to you. As someone who has taught many revision courses, I would recommend them as really very useful but also enriching.

My caveat to this would be not to take on too much in terms of courses. Remember that, as much as it is great to get ahead in holiday periods, it is also crucial that you take them to relax as well. A big part of attaining success in the IB does come down to striking a balance between hard work and keeping yourself energetic. Especially as they are fun and interactive, taking on the right amount of revision courses can provide a great way for you to do this.

More on Lanterna’s revision courses can be found here. Hope to see you in one soon!

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