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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


IB Parents: The Best Way to Support Your Child

IB Parents: The Best Way to Support Your Child

Anyone who’s completed the IB will tell you the same thing. Things simply get progressively harder as you go throughout the two years. If you’re an IB parent, here are the best ways to support your child deal with the pressure – coming from an IB student who graduated just a couple of years ago! […]

High Grades

How Important Are Your Grades?

Ah yes, the sweet 45. The score everyone dreams of, but no one dares hope for. Some people try their hardest to get juicy grades, while others figure they’d instead pursue other interests. Since you’re reading this blog for advice on doing better in school, you’re probably the former.  Regardless of where you find yourself […]

Year Ahead Plan

The Year Ahead | Planning the IB

It’s time to plan for the year ahead. If you’re a DP1, you’re probably excited to start and confused about CAS. If you’re a DP2, CAS probably still puzzles you, and you regret not revising more in the summer. Regardless of your year, the thought of planning the year most likely crossed your mind. But […]

Student throwing papers in the air

IB Results 2022 – What do I do next?

The 6th of July 2022 marked the release of the May 2022 IB exam results. There are any range of emotions you might be feeling right now, whether positive or negative. So, I’m here to guide you on what your next steps could be, depending on how you feel about your results. Firstly, congratulations! We […]

University students sat outside

How to Prepare for Starting University

If you’re heading to university in the Autumn, how are you feeling about starting? Stressed? Confused? Overwhelmed? If any of those words sound familiar, fear no more! Here’s our guide on how to prepare for starting at uni this year. Rest and recuperate If you haven’t seen our post from a few weeks ago about […]

How to do Summer Revision

Congratulations, your first (probably very intense) year of the IB is behind you. You have reached the halfway mark! It is more than likely that you now have a long summer break ahead of you. These weeks can fly by so quickly that you miss the opportunity to prepare for the following year. Considering how […]

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