How To Catch Up From A Year Of Online School

2020 was a crazy year for everyone, especially students. Most schools were moved completely online and that brought all kinds of difficulties. So many students have reached out to us because they found that the move impacted their studies, especially when most of us aren’t used to studying in one room for hours a day!  

But don’t worry, even if you struggled this year, it’s never too late to start catching up from online school and to make sure next year is the best one yet. Lanterna is here to help! That’s why we’ve made this blog post – to give you our best 4 tips for getting back on track! 

1: Don’t Panic!

A lot of other students are feeling the same as you right now, and even though this tip may seem obvious, it really is important to stay calm. It’s impossible to do everything in a day, and we know it seems really difficult, but catching up from online school is easy if you plan effectively and start early!

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2: Start Early and Plan Your Studies

Of course, starting early and planning your studies before the year starts is easier said than done – especially when the sun is shining! I know I didn’t want to even think about the IB during the summer, let alone plan my next year. But I also remember that when I started my first and second year when I knew all my deadlines and how and when I would study for them, I felt a lot calmer and more prepared. 

3: Make Use Of Some Free Resources

If there’s a specific subject you’re struggling with, then it’s best to refresh yourself before you start the academic year. Our amazing tutors at Lanterna have made loads of free resources you can take a look at, including videos, guides, and more! I know I really could have used these when I was preparing for my Biology HL Exam!

4: Get Some Private Tutoring Help

And finally, if you feel like you need some extra guidance on how to plan your studies or how to finally understand that one concept that online school just didn’t allow you to get, then you’re not alone. We know it’s tough getting started during summer, but there are loads of resources that we have for you that can make it easier: study planning, subject-specific tuition, and even IA and EE help. Let myself and the other amazing tutors at Lanterna help you this summer with some private online tutoring so you can start your academic year with a bang!

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