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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


History IA Good Research Question by Natasja Agermark Hansen

Finding a Good Research Question for the History IA

Written by Jay Ayliffe, history tutor at Lanterna and author of Lanterna’s History IA Guide The History Internal Assessment requires students to investigate a historical topic of their choice. This means you could write about potentially anything, as long as it’s not about an event from the last ten years. This gives you an incredible […]

Free Apps artwork by Natasja Agermark Hansen

5 Free Apps for Exam Revision

As much as teachers and parents like to tell you to stay away from your screens, particularly your phone, we mustn’t forget that they can be powerful revision tools. Making the most out of your electronic study buddies can be the difference between barely passing and comfortably cruising through the exams. Okay, I have yet […]

Bio IA Start by Natasja Hansen

4 Bio IA Tips to Get Started

This blog post about the bio IA is written by Asha, a prolific Lanterna tutor whom you might recognise from an earlier post, where I interviewed her on how she got 45 points! She is currently studying biochemistry at UCL.   I remember thinking that completing and submitting my Internal Assessments and Extended Essay would […]

Two students writing an IB essay

Better IB Essays: The Importance of Solid Argumentation

When you hear the word “argument”, you might tend to think of an aggressive shouting match, just to get your point across to somebody – the Latin root of the word actually translates as “to enlighten, make bright”. Argumentation, therefore, is much more than merely getting your point across. And, it’s central to writing all […]

language learning lesson

Language Learning Made Easy: Our Top 3 IB Language B Tips!

Welcome to this week’s post about the most effective Language B learning techniques! During my time on the IB I loved language learning: I took German B at HL and Spanish Ab initio – as a result I’m now studying in Vienna, in German! That’s right, your journey learning languages on the IB can actually […]

Year Ahead Plan

The Year Ahead | Planning the IB

It’s time to plan for the year ahead. If you’re a DP1, you’re probably excited to start and confused about CAS. If you’re a DP2, CAS probably still puzzles you, and you regret not revising more in the summer. Regardless of your year, the thought of planning the year most likely crossed your mind. But […]

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