IB Video Resources you HAVE to Check Out!

If your school has moved online you might be noticing that some of your teachers might not be the best at conducting online classes. It takes some work and time getting used to teaching over Zoom/Google Classroom as opposed to in-person! Luckily, there are experts in online IB teaching available for free! With the help of our top tutors, we’ve put together a number of IB video resources to help guide you through this tricky time!


Struggling with IB Economics? Check out videos from UCL Economist Freddie as he walks you through all the ins and outs of both the SL and HL IB Economics Syllabus. These videos show you how to draw all your diagrams, highlight the main lists to memorise, and the definitions that you need to know in order to become a top-tier of Economics students. Check out this little teaser…


Liam, a recent LSE graduate, makes terrific IB Geography videos that you can check out for free! He covers all the topics that you need to know in the IB Geography syllabus so that you can ace all your quizzes/tests you may have from home! On top of the clear explanations, he’s got a great sense of humour so be ready for some gut-wrenching laughs as you explore the difference between pro-natalist and anti-natalist policies.


Physics and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry are two of the hardest IB subjects out there. Luckily, we’ve recruited two 45-scoring IB graduates to guide you through the trickiest topics. Will and Marta go through each section of the syllabus in an extremely logical fashion, making sure to give great explanations while offering real-life examples! If you’re struggling with physics, this might be a good place to start!


Make sure you are prepared for the tough parts of the IB Biology syllabus by laying a strong foundation with these Biology videos by Markus. Don’t miss out on this first video where he helps you wrap your mind around active and passive transport across cell membranes, but don’t stop there! He’s got tons of videos where he goes through all the bits of the syllabus that you’re probably finding challenging right now!


Nervous about the new maths syllabus? Unsure of certain formulae? Keep an eye-out; our new Maths videos are launching on our YouTube channel very soon. We’re adding IB video resources all the time…

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