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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


Top 5 Essentials for Studying Geography

Geography is one of the broadest topics offered within the IB Diploma Programme. The course asks you to understand a wide range of physical and human processes, while using skills normally encountered in both the sciences and humanities. If you’re struggling to master this combination of knowledge and skills, don’t worry! Here we will take […]

Dress for Success: What to wear to your IB exams!

Your IB exams are fast approaching and you’re looking for any way to boost your marks. But did you know that what you wear to your IB exams can make a real difference to your success? If you have the option of wearing your own clothes, choosing certain pieces can influence our psychology when we […]

5 Simple Steps for Planning Exam Essays

With those May exams creeping ever closer and closer, today I thought I’d share another tip based around exam technique. I want us to take a look at how to plan exam essays. When time is so pressured in the IB exams, it can often be hard to know how to use your planning time […]

How to Manage Disappointing Mock Results

Many of you will have just got back your mock exam results. Hopefully, many of you will be happy with your results. For some of you, though, I’m sure they weren’t quite what you were hoping for. This can be stressful- especially if you have to achieve a certain point score for uni. I think […]

November IB Exams: The Ultimate Revision Guide

There may be a number of reasons why you are sitting your IB exams in November. Most students take November exams, however, because they are resitting. Now, there is nothing bad about this. Yes, it might be frustrating but there are so many different factors that can affect your exam performance.  In this blog, I […]

IB Mock Exams – Do they really matter?

Mock Exams: The only obstacle between you and final exams. Here is an unfiltered and unbiased opinion about the utility of Mock Exams, from the perspective of an IB graduate. Perhaps a controversial opinion, but I think Mock Exams matter both a great deal and very little.   Mock Exams matter… Because the setting will […]

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