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Things to remember before writing the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams - Lanterna Education

Important Things to Remember Before Writing Your IB Exams

With the International Baccalaureate exams coming up, it’s only natural that you and all the other IB diploma students around the world would head to the internet to look for expert advice on the best ways to prepare for these lengthy examinations or search for tips that will set you up for success before you […]

IB Maths Exams Artwork by Natasja Agermark Hansen

How to Prepare for the IB Maths Exams

The IB maths exams are intense. They are 3 to 5 hours of intense focus, confusion and tears. This year (2023), they start May 8th, which is about a month away at the time of writing. Yikes! This post is divided into the first parts. In the first half, I’ll share some tips and tricks […]

Exam Mistakes in Sequence by Natasja Agermark Hansen

Planning for exams: 5 common mistakes students make

An anonymous guest author wrote this post… Do you need some expert advice to help in the planning of your exam revision? Experience is one of the best teachers, but the rules don’t say you have to experience something to learn from it! Learning from other students’ mistakes is still extremely valuable. Understanding others’ failures […]

Free Apps artwork by Natasja Agermark Hansen

5 Free Apps for Exam Revision

As much as teachers and parents like to tell you to stay away from your screens, particularly your phone, we mustn’t forget that they can be powerful revision tools. Making the most out of your electronic study buddies can be the difference between barely passing and comfortably cruising through the exams. Okay, I have yet […]

My Mocks by by Natasja Agermark Hansen

My Mocks Were Rough, What Now?

It’s tempting to mope and sulk about how the mocks went. However, some might be thinking: “how do I learn from my mocks?”  Well, that’s a good question to ask! Mocks do serve a real purpose beyond inducing PMSD (post-mock stress disorder). You have a unique opportunity for growth in addition to having neologism as […]

last minute

5 Last Minute Mock Exam Tips

Ah yes, the mock exams; that time of year when we get to practice stressing out over exams that seem overwhelming. Most everyone is doing last minute revisions and cramming as much information into their brains as possible, and no one can tell you precisely what it’ll be like. To hopefully lessen your stress, I […]


3 Myths Busted | Mock Exam Edition

With the mock exams peaking their unwelcome head around the corner, I figured I would do my best Adam Savage impression and bust some mock exam myths! So much erroneous information has been spread regarding these tests, which wouldn’t be so bad if it were all outrageous and easily disregarded. However, the myths I have […]

Exam Stress

Coping With Exam Stress (Exam Blackout)

Exam stress sucks. Excuse the bluntness, but as I tested different openers, no words rang as true as those. It sucks. Coping with it starts before you even feel it. However, before we get into all that, allow me to paint a picture to remind you just how bad it can be. You’re sitting at […]

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