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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


History IA Good Research Question by Natasja Agermark Hansen

Finding a Good Research Question for the History IA

Written by Jay Ayliffe, history tutor at Lanterna and author of Lanterna’s History IA Guide The History Internal Assessment requires students to investigate a historical topic of their choice. This means you could write about potentially anything, as long as it’s not about an event from the last ten years. This gives you an incredible […]

Free Apps artwork by Natasja Agermark Hansen

5 Free Apps for Exam Revision

As much as teachers and parents like to tell you to stay away from your screens, particularly your phone, we mustn’t forget that they can be powerful revision tools. Making the most out of your electronic study buddies can be the difference between barely passing and comfortably cruising through the exams. Okay, I have yet […]

A student taking an exam

How-to: Our tips for a great IB Mock Exam Mindset!

It’s (unfortunately) that time of year again, where IB mock exams and target grades start to become a lot more relevant. Today, we’ll run through our top tips of how to get in the right mindset to smash those exams out of the park! Work backwards Step one is of course knowing which mocks you […]

Optimised IB Note Taking: Learn and Remember!

Optimised IB Note Taking: Learn and Remember!

This week, I’ll take you through the optimised note taking process! This will turn those useless, confusing sheets of muddled notes in to a life-saver revision resource. To spice it up, I’ll also show you how I combined my note taking with active revision, cementing any information I was learning so that it’s there, in […]

How to do Summer Revision

Congratulations, your first (probably very intense) year of the IB is behind you. You have reached the halfway mark! It is more than likely that you now have a long summer break ahead of you. These weeks can fly by so quickly that you miss the opportunity to prepare for the following year. Considering how […]

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