Motivation is more important than IQ in predicting grades.

IQ or intelligence quotient tests are intended to assess human intelligence. Of course this means IQ is important for doing well in exams, but it turns out motivation and optimism are even more important!

People who are able to remain motivated and optimistic throughout the study period perform much better in the exams. But staying optimistic and maintaining motivation aren’t easy tasks. So what can you do to improve your positive thinking and staying-power?

5 ways to stay motivated during school

not getting stressed

  1. Make Goals – make them simple, write them down and be realistic about them. When you’re making your specific goals (‘answer all textbook questions on photosynthesis’) remember why that is your goal. Think about what success will mean to your university, your career and your pride.
  2. Reward yourself – when you achieve your goals give yourself a treat. This really works but it only works if you achieve the goal before getting the treat. No cheating.
    Child rewarding himself with ice cream
  3. If you feel bored or like you’re about to start procrastinating or give up switch tasks. The phrase ‘a change is as good
    as a rest’ is really true when studying. Switching tasks refreshes your brain without you needing to spend an hour on Facebook.
  4. Get help! Parents can help, ask them to listen while you explain the causes of the cold war. Teachers can help, ask them to show you how to answer past paper questions that you don’t understand. Friends can help, ask them to join you for a study session. Your dog can help! Have him sit there while you read out loud every Shakespeare poem you need to learn. The more people you draw into your success the more of a support network you are building. Now on a hard day your parents will ask ‘aren’t you going to tell me about the cold war?’. Now when you’re procrastinating your friends will ask if you want to study in the library. Not sure about the dog, he’ll probably just look cute and chew your books.
    Dog with a high IQ
  5. Print out a picture of your dream university and stick it on your notice board. Want to be a doctor? Print out a picture of House and stick it on your bedroom door. Want to be an investment banker? Put some money in a picture frame and rest it on your desk. All these things will make your motivations more real and accessible.

Good luck and start working…………NOW

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