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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


IA Tuition

How IA Tuition Can Get You a 7

Are you ready for the upcoming Maths IA? Or do you have the GloPol engagement activity under control? If these questions make you nervous-sweat, you might want to consider IA tuition. I’m just one of Lanterna’s tutors who are seasoned experts at helping students through the tenuous IA process – in many different subjects! In this […]

study resources

Study Resources to Get a 45

In the last two weeks, Louis has provided excellent articles detailing how different study resources will help you effectively study. Now that we know which music to choose and which apps we need to download, we can use the following resources to get even closer to those juicy 45 points.  Get a Physical Pomodoro Timer […]

Chemistry IA Tips and 15 Ideas

The chemistry IA was probably the most fun I had during the IB. It is a fantastic opportunity to play around in the lab and see how beautiful chemistry can be. Yet, it can also seem daunting, scary and overwhelming. To help you overcome your fear of the chemistry IA and make it seem less […]

What is the Extended Essay?

What is the Extended Essay?

If you’re in your first year of the Diploma Programme, chances are you’re starting to hear a lot more about the Extended Essay from your teachers. This project is a quintessential part of the IB and many students find it intimidating at first! Here we’ll give you an overview of what the Extended Essay is […]

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