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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


The IB CAS Basics

The Basics of IB CAS

Reflections, learning outcomes, CAS Projects and interviews. These are the basics of CAS. They confuse just about every new IB student equally. How do you write reflections? What makes a good CAS project? Why do you need to be interviewed? In this post, I will try to draw from my experience as an IB student […]

What to expect from IB grades in 2023

What to expect from IB grades in 2023

It’s most definitely been a chaotic few years, not least for those who have taken part on the IB during this time. The effects of the pandemic were hard felt, starting with the cancellation of the May 2020 exam session. Since then, the IB has had to adapt, meaning that making predictions is yet more […]

Year Ahead Plan

The Year Ahead | Planning the IB

It’s time to plan for the year ahead. If you’re a DP1, you’re probably excited to start and confused about CAS. If you’re a DP2, CAS probably still puzzles you, and you regret not revising more in the summer. Regardless of your year, the thought of planning the year most likely crossed your mind. But […]

IA Tuition

How IA Tuition Can Get You a 7

Are you ready for the upcoming Maths IA? Or do you have the GloPol engagement activity under control? If these questions make you nervous-sweat, you might want to consider IA tuition. I’m just one of Lanterna’s tutors who are seasoned experts at helping students through the tenuous IA process – in many different subjects! In this […]

study resources

Study Resources to Get a 45

In the last two weeks, Louis has provided excellent articles detailing how different study resources will help you effectively study. Now that we know which music to choose and which apps we need to download, we can use the following resources to get even closer to those juicy 45 points.  Get a Physical Pomodoro Timer […]

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