Success at In-House Courses

Here at Lanterna, we have extensive experience in creating exam preparation courses for IB students who are about to sit their exams. This past spring, we used our experience to hold a successful intensive exam preparation course at the British School of Brussels. Students who took part reported that the knowledge, motivation, and confidence that they gained helped them achieve grades they could only dream of prior to their attendance. Our students achieved an average increase of 2.7 points! 

How the Course Worked

Held online over a one week period, students were able to choose three subjects to attend classes for. Each day included two hours per subject, for a total of 10 hours per subject and 30 hours of teaching time. 

The aim of the course was to help students prepare for their exams in the most effective way possible. The personal experiences of our tutors, who are all IB graduates with 40+ points, were invaluable to helping students identify where they could pick up extra points. 

With a mixture of detailed discussions of concepts, strategies for exam questions, and practice with real-life IB past paper questions, we gave students the knowledge they needed alongside boosting their confidence. 

Delivered entirely online, our tutors dedicated themselves to making the sessions as interactive as possible. Our aim was to help students stay motivated through the final weeks of their IB Diploma Programme. This was especially important considering the long bouts of homeschool and lockdowns these students had experienced. We had a wide range of activities, including intense debates and quiz show style games, to help keep students interested and excited about their revision. 

Our Results

By the end of the course, students had spent 30 hours working with our expert tutors to perfect their exam strategies and cement their knowledge. This resulted in an average increase of 2.7 points for students who attended the course. 

Jenny, a student at the course, said afterwards that “the course definitely helped prepare and get ready for the exams and achieve the grades one only could dream about!”. 

In addition to the significant impact created on results, our expert tutors created an atmosphere where all students felt comfortable. Jenny went on to say that “the welcoming atmosphere meant everyone was eager to collaborate, making for a very worthwhile week.”.  

As a school that offers both A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme, Lanterna was able to provide the British School of Brussels with a unique course tailored to their students’ needs. 

James Willis, their DP Coordinator, said that “Lanterna provided us with a bespoke online service that was hugely appreciated by our students on either pathway and one that was planned and prepared with the needs of the school and the individual students in mind.”. 

We strive to create programmes that are tailored to the individual circumstances of each school and student. Our work-class tutors are not only experts on how to maximise IB results. They are also experts at helping students build confidence and motivation. As shown by our recent successes at the British School of Brussels, our in-house courses can provide your students with a boost of confidence, motivation, and knowledge that results in tangible increases in their results. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what Lanterna can offer for your students, please get in touch with us here. We would love to recreate our success at your school!

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