Graduated IB Students Share Anecdotes (2/2)

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Are you a future IB Graduate? This week, we are picking up from last week, where we shared the first round of anecdotes from successful IB students. They share what they learned on their journey through the IB and what it has made it worth. These students are clear examples that you stand to gain a lot through the programme. Hopefully, you can find tips to change how you approach the IB and make the upcoming school year less intimidating.

Magnus, 2020 IB Graduate: 41/45 Points

The most important thing I learned about IB is that it really is “Work smarter, not harder”. I remember specifically that during IA season. I had so much work after school that there were days I worked, from waking up to going to bed. After two weeks, I was tired, exhausted, and couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. I had to figure out a new way. I realised IB is about learning the material for the exams and the IA’s. So, I started focusing on ensuring I put the most effort into things that affected my results. Because, in the end, it’s what you can deliver at the end that matters. Now that I am out of IB, I use my ability to prioritise tasks to ensure that I have a calm head while keeping the quality of my work at an all-time high.

Lasse, 2021 IB Graduate: 38/45 Points

The part of IB that taught me the most, compared to what other forms of education would have, was the workload. The number of assignments, topics and assessments throughout the two years has prepared me well for university, as I was used to using a lot of time and effort on school work, unlike before IB. 

I felt like IB let me focus more on subjects that I would need later instead of what I would like to call “filler subjects”, however you shouldn’t focus too much on them and forget about CAS, as that will come back to bite you later. I wish I had known that you could honestly argue that most things can count as CAS since that makes it much easier to get through, meaning you can focus on other important things.

Frida, 2021 IB Graduate: 36/45 Points

The rollercoaster that is the IB taught me many valuable life lessons. I learned a lot about myself as a student, a friend and a person. I also learned a lot about other people as the heterogeneity and internationality of the IB bring such a diverse group of people together. Learning to navigate many different people with different backgrounds and nationalities is a valuable life skill in this modern world. I genuinely feel that the IB has prepared me to step into the world with an openness and understanding of people I wouldn’t otherwise have had. All of that is even before getting into the curriculum and the teachers. The intense curriculum and great teachers make the IB unique. Compared to “normal” high school in Denmark, the IB prepared me better for university, solidified my dreams of studying abroad, and opened up my opportunities.

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