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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


The IB CAS Basics

The Basics of IB CAS

Reflections, learning outcomes, CAS Projects and interviews. These are the basics of CAS. They confuse just about every new IB student equally. How do you write reflections? What makes a good CAS project? Why do you need to be interviewed? In this post, I will try to draw from my experience as an IB student […]

IB Students Graduate

Graduated IB Students Share Anecdotes (1/2)

What lies ahead may seem daunting if you are among the many aspiring IB students or even someone in the middle of the d. You have probably heard the horror stories—a million complex IA’s, the terrifying EE, the TOK essay. And this is not even to mention the exams!  Amid all this chaos, losing track […]

CAS – How to Get Started With It

CAS can be as daunting and intimidating as it can be inspiring. It’s an opportunity to do all the cool stuff you’ve wanted to do. CAS is your chance to convince your parents that video games might *genuinely* be school relevant (if you do it right). But what is it, and how do we get […]

50 CAS Project Ideas!

One of the scariest parts of CAS may be the CAS project. Common questions we hear at Lanterna are ‘what is it?’ ‘how do I do it?’ and ‘what are good examples of projects?’ We’re answering all those questions in this article. It’s essential to understand the requirements of the CAS project before diving into […]

How to deal with CAS: Ideas for IB Students | Part 4 | CAS Project

The CAS Project “Hey, how’s CAS going?” “Really well thanks – I’ve got plenty of activities and experiences on the go so I should have enough to put in my reflections!” “And how about your CAS project? How is that coming along?” *Internal panic – CAS project????! You mean there’s more to CAS than just […]

How to deal with CAS: Ideas for IB Students | Part 3 | CAS Reflections

CAS Reflections If you checked out last week’s blog on 100 CAS ideas then you should be well on the way for having some exciting, unique and fun experiences with CAS! But guess what – the fun doesn’t stop there. As an IB Diploma student you are expected to reflect on your CAS projects and […]

Guest Blogger 1: Make a Difference with CAS

In this week’s blog, Rameen (who studies the IB in Qatar) shares her inspiring CAS experience of volunteering with orphans in Pakistan.  Why did you undertake this project? “I’ve always seen children out on the roads when I’ve travelled abroad. Children that are abandoned, that are forced to fend for themselves and those that don’t […]

Quidditch leagues exist in many parts of the world!

Thinking outside the CAS box!

“Eurgh, CAS”, said every IB student ever. An element of the IB that at first appears so exciting. An opportunity to explore new and existing interests. So why is it that IB students so often turn to resent CAS? Juggling school-work, sleep and attempting to keep your social life intact is challenging enough without CAS. […]

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