20 Christmas Presents for Stressed IB Students

Are you struggling with what to get that anxiety-ridden student that you know as a gift for the holidays? Look no further. We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the 20 best presents for stressed IB students to pick them up. Some might be truly useful, others slightly sillier, but all will be appreciated nonetheless!

*Lanterna does not receive any benefit from sharing these products, they are simply ideas of presents for stressed IB students!


Let’s being with seven gifts that might actually prove a significant benefit to the recipient…

1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

We all want to help the planet, right? Help save the trees with this snazzy notebook that can be endlessly re-used! Just wipe the page clean when you’re finished with it and keep on going!

2. Tomato Timer

The average attention span of a student is around 30 minutes. Gift the IB student in your life a timer so they can utilise the pomodoro technique and take regular breaks! They will thank you in the long term!

3. Official IB Merch from the Follett IB Store

Make your friend proud to be an IB student by gifting them some cool merch to sport!

4. Pencils that Will Help Get that Frustration Out

We know that the IB can be a stressful program so why not gift some pencils that are just asking to be snapped!

5. World’s Largest Coffee Cup

If there’s one thing we know about the IB program, it’s that it’s a tiring program. Get around this problem with the world’s largest coffee cup, a must-have for surviving two years of the diploma…

6. Re-useable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated has more benefits than you might think. Keeping a consistent intake of water helps our brains to work better and also aids our focus! Get one of these bottles to encourage this positive habit!

7. Some external help with Lanterna…

Now we know this is cheeky of us, but if you do know someone struggling to get through their IB, check out how we can help! We’ve got loads of free resources as well as top tutors ready to help boost your grades either online or in-person

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If there’s one thing the IB isn’t, it’s relaxing. Read on for some presents for IB students that might help them loosen up…

8. Weighted Blanket

IB students love a good sleep and this weighted blanket might be the key to unlocking the next tier of rest quality. Check it out…

9. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Help improve the IB student’s sleep with this spray! A blend of lavender, vetiver and chamomile helps to reduce anxiety and improve the sleep experience!

10. Ostrich Pillow

IB students are very good at two things: complaining and taking naps. Make the latter even easier with this incredible Ostrich Pillow. Designed to put you asleep wherever you are!

11. Theragun

We only just found out about these but they look incredible! The best solution to relaxing those tight muscles that IB students are known to tense up!

12. Squishy Ball

A classic. You cannot underestimate the stress-busting effect of squeezing a squeezy ball. A must-have for every IB student’s desk.

13. Serotonin Necklace

This is one of the cuter gifts to give. Remind your IB friend or family member that you believe in them by giving this necklace!

14. Bath Salts!

There’s literally no better feeling then sinking into a warm bath with some relaxing bath salts. Treat your IB friend and they’ll thank you later!


15. IB Shower Curtain

Yep, you read that right. You can purchase an IB shower curtain! Even when we think we’re all alone, make sure your friend knows that the IB is always around…

16. IB Dying T-Shirt

This is a personal favourite of ours. Rep your program whilst subtly making fun of it. A win-win.

17. IB Mug

We all have that overachieving friend in our lives right? Gift them this mug to remind them that attempting to be perfect is not always possible…

18. Bumper Sticker

Let the public know what you’re going through to make them both smile – and swerve!

19. Desktop Hoover

Got a friend with a dirty desk? Fear no more, gift one of these mini-hoovers to help the out!

20. Shower Clock

Fun, yes. But also very useful. Never miss an appointment with this cute shower clock!

And there we go, 20 Christmas presents for stressed IB students! Want to know how you maximise your productivity over the Winter break, check out the blog post below…

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