20 Global Politics IA Ideas

Global Politics

The Global Politics IA or the Engagement Activity, as it is known for the GloPol course, is the perfect opportunity for you to explore beyond the classroom. You can directly involve yourself in your community! However, this does not mean that you cannot look at issues that are a little broader and not directly related to your community. For example, you could look into the different dimensions of inequality. You could maybe link that back to an NGO that works on similar aspects around you.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you can link your research question back to the key concepts that you have studied in the course. This means that the possibilities are absolutely endless, and you can have tons of fun with it while meaningfully engaging yourself in the world around you. However, this may also seem overwhelming at first as to where to begin. Thus, here is a list of 20 out-of-the-box IA ideas that can help you do some brainstorming of your own 🙂

The list is in no way exhaustive; think of it as a form of inspiration instead!

20 Engagement Activity Ideas

  1. Does the nature and quality of democracy have an impact in the representation and participation of minority groups in politics?
  2. How do state and non-state actors collaborate with each other to achieve Sustainable Development Goals?
  3. To what extent does Germany’s Federal Court of Justice’s ruling allowing hearings cases about abuses of international law committed outside of Germany showcase the strengths and weaknesses of international law?
  4. Is soft power an important tool that can be utilised in the growing environmental movement?
  5. Does the plight of a country’s civil society have an effect on development on local as well as national levels?
  6. To what extent do NGOs have the responsibility to safeguard women’s rights in a conflict zone during a military intervention?
  7. Has the advent of globalisation enhanced the working of NGOs or caused the emergence of too many stakeholders hindering the process?
  8. To what extent does the upcoming energy crisis have an impact on the relationship between the Bundesländer and the Bundesrat?
  9. Should NGOs be allowed to challenge cultural norms in the interest of safeguarding human rights
  10. To what extent are national elections in India fought on the grounds of foreign policy?
  11. How does the national legislature of a country affect the commitments of MNCs toward its Corporate social responsibility?
  12. Do cultural norms of a country have an effect on the comprehensiveness of sex education campaigns in schools?
  13. What is the impact of local NGOs in recycling e-waste in (your particular city)?
  14. Do IGOs have a responsibility to protect the rights of migrant workers in Qatar?
  15. Does the civil society in Europe have an impact on the integration process of refugees and immigrants?
  16. How do local and international NGOs work hand in hand to prevent sex trafficking?
  17. Does political awareness have an impact on the choice of consumption of products?
  18. How does the UK government’s decision to not participate in the Erasmus+ scheme post Brexit affect European students in the EU?
  19. Do WTO regulations have an impact on a country’s cottage industries?
  20. Has the EU Health Programme had an impact on uplifting the quality of access to medical facilities in Romania?

I hope these Engagement Activity RQ ideas have inspired you to find a fun topic for your global politics IA. And if you are looking for further assistance for your Engagement Activity,  get in touch with our tutors here.

Written by Aakansha Das

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