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We constantly associate the Internet with procrastination – in my case, the internet is the fruitful source of all my killer memes on Lanterna’s Instagram when I’m particularly distracted at work. However, the internet can actually be an essential resource during your time as an IB student. This week, I’ve decided to compile my favorite IB Internet Resources in one place for your benefit and use!


Khan Academy

Free IB ResourcesWith everything from videos about math currency conversions to bonding and structures in Organic Chemistry, Khan Academy is one of the most useful IB Internet Resources at your disposal. With 5-15 minute videos, Khan Academy is able to break down difficult concepts and get to the point quickly. The best part? On their website, Khan Academy keeps transcripts of exactly what’s being said in the video. You never have to be worried about missing a particularly important step in Organic Chemistry again!




Free IB ResourcesWhile Khan Academy is the encyclopedia of all things natural science and mathematics, Podcasts are a useful tool for the Social Sciences. Listening to podcasts is a great learning tool as all it requires is a phone and headphones! To find IB related podcasts, use your Podcast app on your phones (available on both iPhone and Android). Some of my personal favorites include:

  • The Complete History of the Cold War and the History of WWII (IB History)
  • Global Economic Governance: Globalisation and the Financial Crisis (IB Economics),
  • Geography of Europe (IB Geography)


Notes – Cliffnotes/Sparknotes and BioNinja

Free IB ResourcesTired of having to drag your textbook to and from school every day? With websites like Cliffnotes/Sparknotes and BioNinja, you might be able to afford to leave your books in your locker every once in a while. Cliffnotes/Sparknotes are websites which summarise key classical books with specific sites devoted to literary terms. Respectively, BioNinja contains a  complete breakdown of the biology syllabus. Reading these will not be enough for you to pass your exams, but they could be a key resource for you to fill some of the knowledge gaps you have!

Productivity Apps

Given all the hype, smartphones do live up to their reputation. I mean – what would life be without that daily Instagram scroll? Nevertheless, your smartphone can actually end up being your best IB resource. Click here to get a list of the best IB study apps which will help you stay focused and productive without having to peel yourself away from your beloved phone.



Lanterna’s own free resources – webinars and our page!

Free IB ResourcesCreated by top-scoring IB graduates, Lanterna has a range of free resources available to students – including study guides, wall planners, webinars and much more! Click here to get our best study guides and advice about how to manage the IB Diploma. Sign up for our free webinars, where once a week one of our elite tutors will be walking you through the most difficult concepts in a variety of subjects!




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