How to deal with CAS: Ideas for IB Students | Part 2 | 100 CAS Ideas

As IB graduates, we know how easy it is for CAS to seem like a massive burden. But it doesn’t have to be! Although it might seem impossible to juggle your CAS experiences around your six subjects, try to view it in a positive light. CAS is a great way to actually have fun alongside your studies! Should you be struggling with any subjects or need some extra guidance – we have plenty of free resources for each subject to help you smash them alongside CAS. We also offer more personalised help through our private online tuition service from experienced IB graduates who got top scores at the IB – including 3 core points! 

We have plenty of CAS blog posts and a free ultimate CAS guide to make your life easier, but first here are 100 easy IB CAS ideas!

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  1. Take up baking
  2. Take up cooking
  3. Take up vegan cooking
  4. Create a recipe book for your latest bakes
  5. Start a YouTube channel for your cookery
  6. Host a supper club
  7. Take up knitting
  8. Make your own clothes/accessories – check out this video for some inspiration!
  9. Create a Depop account for your handmade clothes/accessories (then donate the money to a charity for it to also count for SERVICE!)
  10. Take up photography
  11. Produce a documentary – read about Ingrid’s experience here!
  12. Write for your school magazine, or start one if it doesn’t exist!
  13. Join/set up a book club
  14. Write a novel or some short stories
  15. Make a film of your novel/short story
  16. Make a stop motion animation film (see the film Chicken Run for inspiration!)
  17. Write poetry
  18. Start a blog for your poems
  19. Start calligraphy – it’s soooo pretty! 
  20. Make handmade cards that feature your calligraphy
  21. Join/start a choir
  22. Organise an open mic event
  23. Join/start a band
  24. Join/start an orchestra
  25. Learn a musical instrument
  26. If you already play an instrument, try conducting!
  27. Play video games (if you don’t believe me, check out this blog!)
  28. Design a new video game
  29. Make homemade candles
  30. Take up sketching/painting
  31. Create an Instagram account for your sketches and paintings
  32. Make handmade bath bombs
  33. Put on a play – how about one of the ones you might be studying for your Language A?


  1. Take up running – why not set yourself a goal of running a 10km race, or even a marathon?
  2. Start a running club
  3. Go climbing, whether that be indoors or outdoors!
  4. Spend a day at an outdoor adventure club – if you’re UK based, the Go Ape parks are amazing!
  5. Join your local gym
  6. Try a Zumba class
  7. If you enjoy dancing, try ballroom styles – foxtrot, waltz, cha cha etc…
  8. Or give breakdancing a try. You could even organise your own dance show at your school!
  9. Go on a yoga retreat
  10. If you’re an adventurous type, give windsurfing a go
  11. Or try paragliding!
  12. Skiing/snowboarding
  13. Try kayaking
  14. Or white water rafting
  15. Go mountain biking
  16. Commit to cycling to school for a certain number of days per week
  17. If you like swimming, cycling and running, train for a triathlon
  18. If you’re already a swimmer, try diving
  19. Take part in a team sport – netball, football, wheelchair basketball, hockey, etc…
  20. Give blind soccer a go
  21. Try archery
  22. Take up orienteering
  23. Horse riding
  24. Try boxing, or a boxercise class
  25. If you live near the coast, play beach volleyball
  26. Or open water swimming in the sea
  27. Give judo, taekwondo or karate a try
  28. Spend an afternoon at a trampoline park (they look AWESOME)
  29. Play tennis, or table tennis
  30. Have a go at ice skating
  31. Go on a hiking expedition
  32. Try playing golf
  33. Skateboarding


  1. Volunteer at a local charity shop
  2. Spend an hour a week volunteering at a nursing home
  3. Volunteer at your local hospital
  4. Start a Junior CPR Program, like Kira!
  5. Or organise a talent show at school, charge an entry fee, and donate the funds to charity
  6. Run in a charity fun run – check out the Race for Life events in the UK
  7. Hold a bake sale at your school and raise money for charity
  8. Or even bigger, hold a summer fair at your school for charity – have stalls such as face painting, a coconut shy, a second-hand book stall, hook-a-duck etc…
  9. Organise a charity raffle
  10. Or hold a ‘Guess the Baby’ charity competition at school. Ask you teachers to submit photos from when they were younger, and see if students can guess who is who! Charge a fee for entering, and have a prize for whoever gets them all correct.
  11. Volunteer at an after school club, either at your school or another local school
  12. Take part in a Fridaysforfuture climate march
  13. Volunteer at your local government
  14. If you have a local green area, set up a butterfly conservation space
  15. Organise a tree planting event in your local community
  16. Organise a plastic pick-up event at your school/local community
  17. Or if you live near the coast, arrange a beach clean-up event
  18. Learn how to perform CPR
  19. Go on a wildlife conservation volunteering trip
  20. Or volunteer at an animal shelter
  21. Do you have an elderly neighbour or relative? Offer to tidy their garden, or maybe walk their dog a few times a week.
  22. Help out at a soup kitchen
  23. Take part in Amnesty International campaigns
  24. Volunteer at your local library
  25. Or if there’s a local museum in your area, volunteer there
  26. Apply to be an Oxfam festival volunteer – a free trip to a festival and CAS too!
  27. Organise a CAS fair at your school. This is an event where your IB year group presents your CAS projects and activities to the years below. This should give them some help and inspiration!
  28. If you’re bilingual, volunteer to help someone or an organisation with translations
  29. If you’re taking up knitting as a CREATIVE project, try knitting hats or clothing for premature babies
  30. Organise a charity car wash at your school
  31. Start, or join, a neighbourhood watch programme
  32. Organise a clothes collection at your school, and then donate them to a local charity
  33. Campaign for better recycling facilities at your school
  34. Our last one is actually a fun fact: did you know that Lanterna started out as a CAS project in 2002? A group of older IB students decided to support younger students with their academic performance – everything from helping out with homework to teaching whole topics that students had missed or not understood. So we’re living proof that CAS is totally worth it in the end!

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And there we go! I hope these IB CAS ideas have provided plenty of inspiration. Remember, it’s all about making CAS fun – it definitely shouldn’t feel like a burden. Do things that you will enjoy! 

If you want more guidance, check out Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4 of this series – they all contain different help for acing CAS! Also, don’t forget to check out our IB Survival Guide for more tips with CAS!

Do you want more personalised help for your subjects, not just CAS? We also offer private tuition from experienced IB graduates for your assignments, IAs, EE, study planning…you name it! 

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