Exam Advice from IB Survivors

We’re in the thick of exam season now. As we speak, IB students around the world are nearing the end of their first week of exams.

At Lanterna we remember all too clearly how it felt to be in exactly this position. But we also know all the good things that happened afterwards, after the good and the bad. So we decided to make use of our glorious hindsight to offer some advice, stories and (maybe) wisdom for any IB student looking for some reassurance around their own exams. Here we have advice from our three school presenters who’ve spent the past year visiting IB schools all over the world: Emily, Rachel and Isobel.

Most vivid IB exam memory

IB Vivid Memory5
What was the toughest part?

Toughest Part of the IB

Any advice for a student who ‘messes up’ an IB exam?

IB Advice

What do you wish someone had told you while you were in the middle of your IB exams?

Advice to Other IB Students


What should students do when exams are over?

After IB Exams

So there we have it! Our own disasters, struggles and advice. To all of the students out there who still have IB exams to do, good luck!

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