Getting through the final exams – the final push!

Your IB final exams are well underway by this stage, and it’s just the final push before you reach freedom! However, it’s important that you stick with it right to the end. Read on for our expert advice on how to get through the final IB exams.

Running out of time?

Exam season goes extremely quickly. Although they’re spread out over a few weeks, time flies. On the one hand, this is great, as the stress won’t last forever. On the other, this might mean that you feel there’s not enough time to prepare for those last exams.

Yet with every passing exam, there’s less and less to do. So, in the final week, try to divide your time evenly between the subjects you have left, and some well-earned relaxation time.

Final exam priorities

Your number one priority should, of course, be the next exam. Fill the rest of your time with relaxation, and any prep for exams not on the next day. If you have 4 hours to spare on the evening before a French exam, for example: You could do 2 hours of French, an hour of another (less urgent) subject, and at least an hour of relaxation. This is so important, especially just before bed.

The headline here is: Cram for your final exams if you want to, but do it efficiently! The evening schedule above could be a good guide.

This creates a healthy balance, so you do enough work for the upcoming exam, without tiring yourself out too much before it! You’ll also thank yourself for that extra hour on the other subject, too.

What’s done is done!

To get your head in the game for the final exam push, it’s imperative to let bygones (you guessed it) be bygones!

Not all exams go our way. We’ve all had that heavy feeling afterwards of “Oh, well that didn’t quite go to plan” (or perhaps even something a little bit stronger than that).

If you let it build up over multiple exams, this feeling will distract and exhaust you. From the second your pen is down in the exam hall, there’s nothing more you can do. In that case, then, you may as well just forget about it!

You’re not alone.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But just remember, there will be countless other people who have that very same feeling of complete dread and are in exactly the same boat as you. It can be difficult, though, to talk to someone about it.

Here’s where our good friend The Internet comes in. There are countless IB students who also feel as bad about that exam as you do, or perhaps even worse! Reading other people’s thoughts might help to put those tricky exams behind you, and perhaps what someone else needs is to read your thoughts.

Although this can lift some of the dark clouds, don’t forget to get yourself back focused and centred before the very last exams. We all need to know we’re not alone after a particularly tough exam (and believe us, you’re definitely not!). 

Last words before the final exams!

From everyone at Lanterna, a massive well done to all of you in IB2 who are about to complete your final exams! The IB is an extremely tough course. This push over the finish line will be the last thing you do before you can say “IB no more”.

Remember, ultimately, to be kind to yourself, as there’s only so much cramming that you can actually do. Once you do walk out of the exam hall for the final time, take a breath and be proud of yourself. You’ve just completed the IB!

It can also be beneficial to have someone help you out, so if you want some last-minute tutoring, check out our private tuition here. For some exam tips, we recommend that you go for a scroll through our blog posts.

Written by Louis Glen and Jascha Schäfer

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