How to Study Over the Holidays – Part 1

When you finally make it to the end of the semester, revision is almost definitely the last thing on your mind! However, taking the time now to plan out what you want to get done over the holidays will make your life much easier and actually give you more time to relax. Here we’ll take you through how to study over the holidays and maximise your time. 


Tip 1: Choose your style of holiday studying 


There are two main styles of studying over the holidays. This first way is to study consistently for a shorter period of time in each session. This might look like studying for 2 hours a day over the whole holiday. 


The second way is to dedicate a longer chunk of time solely to studying. This could look like spending a few days studying throughout the whole day. 


Both strategies can work really well! To decide which is best for you, think about what you have planned for the holidays. If you’re travelling with your family for part of the holiday, you probably don’t want to spend it revising! In this case, it might be better to work a few full days at the beginning and end of the holidays. That way you can properly enjoy the trip!


If you aren’t travelling, it might be more effective to work more consistently throughout the holiday. If you chose to do this, it’s really important to set clear boundaries so that you are still able to take a break and relax! Try setting up a standard working time for an hour or two a day. 


Tip 2: Set clear goals


Without clear goals, it can be challenging to feel as if you are making progress. At this point in the school year it can be easy to lose motivation. Ticking tasks off of a list or reaching goals can help maintain your drive.


There are two types of goals: task based and time based. A task based goal would be something like finishing your Chemistry IA. A time based goal would be something like spending 30 mins a day reviewing a topic. Time based goals can be motivating if you’re dealing with a longer project which will take awhile to tick off of your list!


When setting goals, it’s essential to consider what is realistic. If your goals are too ambitious and you don’t end up meeting them it can be really discouraging! 


Tip 3: Create a clear plan


One way to make a plan is to take a look at what needs to be done by the time school starts again. This might be finishing up coursework or reviewing the topics that are covered in a mock.


Make a list and then rank the tasks by how important they are. Take a second look at it and rank the tasks by how long you think they’re going to take. Your top priorities should be the ones that are at the top of both rankings!


Next take a look at how much time you have. It’s important to decide when during the holiday you want to finish each task by. Making these ‘intermediate’ goals can clear up exactly how you’re going to reach your main goals!


Once you’ve set dates for each goal, you’re good to go! Add them to your calendar so that you don’t forget what you have set out to accomplish.


Tip 4: Remember that the IB is a marathon!


The IB Diploma Programme is a long process. To get through it, it’s essential to look after yourself. While the holidays are a great opportunity to catch up and get ahead on work, it’s essential that you take a break. 


By setting clear goals and boundaries with studying you can ensure that when you aren’t working, you are able to relax.


If you find that you are struggling to make a plan, or with a specific topic, we can help! You can find our revision essentials series here for our experts’ top revision strategies for each subject. Get in touch with one of our IB experts here or find out more about our online private tuition here


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