How to Manage Disappointing Mock Results

Many of you will have just got back your mock exam results. Hopefully, many of you will be happy with your results. For some of you, though, I’m sure they weren’t quite what you were hoping for. This can be stressful- especially if you have to achieve a certain point score for uni. I think it’s really important to remember, however, that these aren’t actually your real exams. Your teachers make you take mocks so you can learn how to do better and achieve your full potential.  This week I’m giving you my best tips for managing disappointing mock results and setting yourself up to excel at the real exams!

1: Learn from where you went wrong

On of the main purposes of mocks is to teach you what you do and don’t know. Often, you think that you understand something, but when you are confronted with an exam question, you find there are big holes in your knowledge. Use your mocks as an opportunity to figure out where these holes are. Then you can dedicate time to filling in the blanks so you are set for May exams.

2: Think about all the time you have left

I know it can feel like time is slipping away, but it’s not even March yet! You still have plenty of time to get to grips with your subjects and improve your point score. I also think it is incredible how much you can get done

in the time between mocks and the real-deal-exams. If you are prepared to put the hard work in and focus, you can get through material at a surprising rate. The key is not to let the time stress you, but rather make it focus you.

3: Seek out support

As I said above, your mocks are great at showing you what you don’t know. Take these issue to your teachers now and get them to help you. They will be able to go over stuff and help crystallise it in your mind. If you do this now, you will find that when study leave comes round, you’ll have already nailed most of the tricky topics.

4: Be proud of what you do know!

When you get a less that ideal mark, it is SO easy to focus only on the bad. There will, however, have been lots of stuff you got right! Take some time to think about how far you have come since the first day of DP1 and how much you now know that you didn’t before! The IB aint easy, but I’m sure you’re are going to ace it!


Thank you for reading this week’s blog! I hope you found some of the tips helpful. If you’d like to find out more about the help Lanterna can offer you just click here!

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