Studying with Others: The Benefits

Are you the person who thinks you study best locked away, earplugs in check to completely focus? Do you shudder at the thought of working with other people around you? Well, this week’s blog is going to look at the benefits of forming a study group. You might be inspired to try out some new ways of working!


Many people think that the most effective way to stay on task when studying is to shut themselves away from others. Obviously this can be a great way to get some peace and quiet, and feel comfortable in your own space. However, when working by oneself, it can be all too easy to lose focus, and soon hours have passed by without any productive studying. With nobody watching, we often feel it’s okay to treat oneself to five minutes on Instagram, or a couple of episodes of a show on Netflix! If you’re starting to realise this might be you, consider whether finding a study buddy, or forming a study group might be an option. Let’s look at some of the benefits…


‘Study Time’

If you make an agreement with someone to study together at a specific time, this can be a great way to force you to sit down and work. Whilst many of us have good intentions at the weekend to start studying in the morning, it often isn’t until the afternoon that we eventually make it to our desks! But if you agree to meet someone to study from 9.30am onwards, this forces you to get started early on. You will be amazed at how much more studying you can get done during the day!


Understand Faster

With other people around you, this can help you to learn quicker. If ever you are stuck on a certain topic, someone you’re working with might be able to explain it to you. This can save you time, so that you’re not wasting hours trying to work out a problem by yourself!

New Tricks

Working with others can inspire you to try out new methods of studying. You might be taken by someone’s different format of note taking. For example, if someone’s using the Cornell system, this might catch your eye! (Click HERE for more info about the Cornell Notes system!) Or if you witness someone else creating an impressive mindmap, this might be another way for you to mix up your studying.


Take the Test

Decided to form a study group? Then think about organising a quiz at the end of your study session. If you’re all working on the same topic, this can be a great way to round-off what you’ve covered! It’s also a much more interactive way to learn and memorise.

So there we go! Just a few ideas for you to consider whether you might try working with others! However, it is worth pointing out that this isn’t for everyone. We all have our own individual habits and preferences when it comes to studying. And I’m sure some of you have worked out by now that you’re much more successful when you study by yourself. If this is the case, feel free to stick with what works well for you! But, if you fancy a change, and do want to mix up the ways you study, give working with others a go. You might find you thrive from having other hard workers around you! If this is the case, don’t forget to book on one of our Lanterna Courses. You’ll be able to study with others AND have fun with IB students from all over the world!

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