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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


The 10 Stages of Writing your Extended Essay

Every IB student does it. Writing your Extended Essay is unavoidable. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t a few bumps along the way. I find the process of writing an EE goes like this for most people: 1. Confidence Starting strong is always a good position to be in. You’ve got your idea set. You’ve […]

The Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide 8: Motivation

This week we have some short and sweet prompts to remind you all about that thing you may or may not have been putting off until now. Although it’s easy to lose momentum in the depths of summer when all you really want is to find a beach and drink lemonade and swim with dolphins, […]

The Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide 6: How to Write It

With summer either already here or very near, it’s time for our next step in the Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide. This one will help give you that push to put all of that essay preparation to use. Yes, it’s time to bite the bullet and write the thing. To recap, this is the stage that […]

Extended Essay Topic

The Extended Essay Step-By-Step Guide 4: The Question

Welcome back to our step-by-step guide to the Extended Essay! So far in this series, we’ve covered how to choose your topic and get on with your research. Here in Part 3, I want to talk all about how to make sure you have the perfect question. I know. I’ve mentioned the question before. Some […]

The Extended Essay Step-By-Step Guide 3: The Research

The Easter Break is nearly upon us. Ten years ago this might have been a cue to eat more chocolate than you can handle. But if you’re in DP1 of the IB that small thing called the Extended Essay will be hovering on the horizon. You know that you should think about it over the […]

Extended Essay Topic

The Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide 2: Your Topic

There is a secret that could help all you first year IB students out there. It is the key to making next year a whole lot easier. It will reduce stress, make the workload easier to handle, and give you time. What is the secret? It’s that you’re better off starting the Extended Essay as soon […]

5 Simple Steps for Redrafting your Extended Essay

5 Simple Steps for Redrafting your Extended Essay

You poured your heart and soul into it. You gave it your sweat, blood and tears (hopefully not blood). It took you a full year just to come up with a question in the first place. I’m talking, of course, about your Extended Essay. DP2 students, the time has come when schools are asking for […]

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