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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


How to Make Perfect IGCSE Notes

The art of note-taking, or at least of taking effective notes, is often underestimated. Yes, almost all of us make them in lessons, but it’s easy to forget how valuable they can be later on. Making awesome notes for your IGCSEs is especially important, as there is so much information across the 6 subjects, which […]

How to Improve Your Memory for IGCSE Success

“If I had a better memory, all this work would be no problem”. Does this thought sound familiar? Does it creep up on you before a test? Day to day in school? Many of us tell ourselves that we’ve just got a bad memory and that there’s nothing we can do about it, but more […]

How to Use Dead Time in Your IGCSEs

How to Use Dead Time in Your IGCSEs

Time management is a true art. One which few ever totally master.  Students are forever complaining that they don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. But 24 hours is a lot of time, right? So where does it all go? And how can you better use your time to become more […]

How to Create a Productive IGCSE Study Space

Making sure our IGCSEs go well is not a last minute task – it’s something we have to put effort in for consistently. That means doing a little bit of work outside of school hours. So many students forget how important a good study space is so let us run through a few tips you […]

How to Not Fall Behind in Your IGCSEs

We all know how it feels. We’re sitting in a lesson. We’re following what the teacher is saying. But there’s something that we just can’t get our head around. We try to reread what we’ve written in our notes. We think it through and… blank. It’s just not making sense. By the time we focus […]

Top Tips for Smashing IGCSE Maths

Being good at maths is considered by many a matter of simply having a  “gift” or “eye” for it. However, this is not necessarily the case – a lot of factors go into succeeding in maths and most of them are up to you to control. Here are 5 tips and tricks that are proven […]

5 Tips to Smash IGCSE Physics

Doing well on your IGCSE physics can often seem hard. You must put in an effort to do well and there aren’t too many shortcuts to get a good final grade – it requires work. However, there are certain tricks and tips which can help you make your studies more enjoyable and help reduce the […]

5 Reasons To Choose IGCSE

If you attend an international school, you are probably familiar with the concept of IGCSEs. IGCSE is a qualification designed by Cambridge for students between the ages of 14 to 16. It’s one of the most popular qualifications for this age group and most international schools offer IGCSEs. Here are just 5 of the many […]

5 Tips to Smash IGCSE Chemistry

If you ever watched Bill Nye the science guy while growing up, chances are you were fascinated by his tricks! I remember watching Bill Nye blow up a bathtub filled with water by adding Francium and thinking it was one of the coolest things I had watched on TV in a while. No matter whether […]

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