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Below, amongst all of our amazing articles, you'll find in-depth reports, thought pieces on modern education, as well as many, many lovely tips.


How to Structure and Format your TOK Essay!

TOK is, for many, an extremely difficult subject to get your head around. A lot of the questions you get asked in class might seem entirely nonsensical to you, and perhaps the TOK essay titles seem just as confusing! One thing that we at Lanterna think is the most underappreciated thing that truly aids understanding […]

Breaking Down TOK Essay Titles 2021 | Part 2

Breaking Down TOK Essay Titles 2021 | Part 2

Time for the second round of Breaking Down 2021 TOK Essay Titles! These are 3 great titles to consider when choosing which 2021 TOK essay you’ll write. All of them feel extremely relevant in today’s day and age so read on to get some top tips about how to approach them! Note: Following these suggestions […]

Breaking Down TOK Essay Titles 2021 | Part 1

 The TOK Essay is something many of us dread… Many of us feel like we’ve learned nothing in TOK up until this point and now we’re expected to write an essay!? What makes matters worse is that the Titles are sometimes ridiculously confusing as well – so you might feel like you have no idea […]

Breaking Down TOK Essay Titles 2020 | Part 2

Looking for the 20/21 titles? Click here! Here we go! Here are our ideas for the second half of the May 2020 TOK Essay Titles. Read on to be inspired!    “The role of analogy is to aid understanding rather than to provide justification.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? This question, […]

20 TOK Presentation Ideas for your IB!

20 TOK Presentation Ideas for your IB!

The TOK presentation is every IB student’s worst nightmare. Speaking for an extended period of time about ‘AoKs’ and ‘WoKs’ just isn’t ok. But fear not, some of Lanterna’s elite IB graduates have noted down 20 TOK Presentation Ideas that worked for them! Take a look at these previously successful combinations to help spark your […]

Breaking Down the 2019 TOK Titles: Part 2

In this week’s blog we are looking at the rest of those tricky TOK titles. Read on for some inspiration for your essay! “Disinterestedness is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. The key element of this title is the term ‘disinterestedness’. Your essay needs to […]

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